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ICARUS College UMAT Student Lounge
About Us

Who is ICARUS College?

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ICARUS College Student Support centre for UMAT and all health science related courses.

This elite Student Support Centre has been designed to cater comprehensively and professionally for all ICARUS college students on their Soar to Success. It's here to take the "UM" out of UMAT and glide you to your dream whatever that may be.

ICARUS College is a government registered training organisation [RTO] and employs the dynamic and proven ICARUS College Dynamic Learning [ICDL] and ICARUS College Dynamic Reading [ICDR] Systems in all of its courses especially those where students are required to appear for a UMAT and a subsequent interview. It's elite Student Support Centre is manned by seasoned highly credentialed professionals in education. Neither amateurs nor university students are employed.

Have faith in yourself and in ICARUS as you step aboard the glide of your life. Our youngest students start with us at year 10 and our oldest students to date entering medicine and dentistry have been 46 and 44 years old respectively upon admission. If you don't want to be disillusioned by amateurs step right on in and sample our five star support.

We know the industry well - We were the first and can answer all your questions. You'll soon discover - Others can only follow!